We Provide Reports That Tell You What Is Happening...
by answering the following questions:

Question Mark Is there a mold problem?
If it isn't visible, where is the problem?
Is it still actively growing or not?
What species have been found and do they present any health risks?

To answer these questions, we have to go beyond counting the number of spores and putting these numbers into categories that are very difficult to understand. We have to determine the species as well as activity of the mold and help you reach some deeper understanding about what molds you have and what it is currently doing.

Every mold inspector who uses our services tells us that we are the first lab that actually answers all of the above questions in a way that they can understand and put to use.

MouldWorks provides world-class mold identification and analysis to home and mold inspectors, with personalized service for every sample.

What is different about us?

All work is overseen and certified by our Chief Scientist, Matt Visser.

How does this experience make a difference?

We identify virtually all molds to the species level, which is crucial for the proper assesment of a mold.

We perform a forensic analysis of each sample, which means we determine the history and activity of mold at the site.

Our Reports Are Second to None:

Our reports are completely understandable and informative and presented to the customer in a format that clearly explains what we have found, which is backed up by research literature, all in lay terms.

We deliver our reports to mold and home inspectors through our online reporting site: MyMouldWorks. Once a report has been prepared you receive an email with a link to the report. Each report contains highly detailed analysis of each sample along with links to in-depth descriptions of the molds found.

Our Customers Come First:

We provide telephone and email follow up for every report to make sure the report is thoroughly understood by the home and mold inspector.