Quality Standards

Ph.D. Research Practices for Published Research: All analysis is performed in accordance with Ph.D. level of research that is performed when producing peer reviewed journal articles. This standard requires a completely different level of skill from standard certifications, which are oriented to ensuring consistent quality from lab technicians.

What difference does MouldWorks analysis make to the customer?

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Standing Behind our Work and Turnaround Time

Information Considered Limited in Usefulness

Our Scientists

Dr. George Carroll, Ph.D., one of the worlds most respected micro-fungi scientists, is the Chief Scientist for MouldWorks. Dr. Carroll has taught and performed breakthrough research in micro-fungi for over 35 years at the University of Oregon, has over 45 publications on mycology, and has edited 3 books on the subject. He has served as President of the Mycological Society of America. Dr. Carroll directly performs the identification and analysis work on every mould sample, or has Ph.D. staff perform the initial work, and reviews that work before it is submitted to our clients. View Resume (pdf).